Year 2 Update 11.05.20

Date: 11th May 2020 @ 9:13am

Morning Year 2!

I hope you have all had a lovely long weekend!  We had a nice day on Friday celebrating VE day.  We decorated the house and had our own afternoon tea in the garden.  I hope you did some fun things too, whilst celebrating this commemorative day.  

Our theme this week is going to be Superheroes and so, for your creative task, I would like you to design and draw your own superhero.  Think about what your superhero’s name could be, what their costume might look like and what their superpower is.  Is it invisibility, is it flying, is it super strength or is it something quite different, like a power to heal things – the list is endless.  I would love to see these uploaded over the week.   Here is a list of everything else available this week:

  • There is a new discussion activity.
  • On Tuesday and Thursday I will add writing tasks.
  • I have added a new list of words to Spellodrome for the week.  Get someone to test you on Friday with the new word list. (Don't be confused by the name of the new list, for some reason it wouldn't let me change the name in Spellodrome.)
  • You have activities to do on Timestable Rockstars
  • Each day I will give you a new mathletics task, remember you have a week to do these.
  • I have uploaded 5 a day activity sheets - there are three, sheets A - C.  You do not have to do all three.  You can pick the one you would like to do.  Choose Sheet A if you want to be more stretched.
  • Maths No Problem (if you want some extra maths activities).  If you choose to access these extra activities, please do Workbook 2B, Chapter 13, Worksheets 1 to 5, over the week.

See you tomorrow

Mrs MacKay :)

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