The Curriculum at Wardley CE Primary School

Values & Ethos

Our teaching of the National Curriculum stems from the needs and abilities of the children we teach. We believe every member of our school community is a life-long learner and that our role is to provide them with the stimulus and skills, developing a thirst for knowledge, so that our pupils are empowered to fulfil their individual potential.

This means providing the best possible teaching and Learning opportunity for every child, utilising every opportunity at our disposal. We aim to provide an outstanding curriculum, a curriculum of innovation and inspiration, which is continually evolving in the best interest of our pupils. We echo the government’s desire for the children to become ‘educated citizens’ and so advocate a curriculum rich in English, containing a range of differing and stimulating experiences. It aims to be enjoyable, inclusive, engaging and link to the core values and ethos of our school. Central to these values, as a C0fE school, are our core Christian values that underpin our curriculum framework.

Curriculum Organisation

At Wardley CE Primary we use the 2014 the National Curriculum and divide this  into three sections:

Essential Opportunities

(Breadth of Study)

Learning Objectives

(Planning foci, Assessment foci)

Milestone 1

The standard to reach by the end of Y2

Milestone 2

The standard to reach by the end of Y4

Milestone 3

The standard to reach by the end of Y6


Essential Opportunities (Breadth of Study) are not assessed. They cover the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum for England. The school’s long term curriculum plans ensure coverage of these essential opportunities.

Essential Learning Objectives are the assessment and planning foci. They are used as learning objectives. However, they are not achieved. They are advanced systematically and gradually from Year 1 through to Y6.To this end, they are relatively few in number and therefore repeatable. This is to avoid a shallow, skimming approach to teaching whereby many objectives are covered but not necessarily learned. Instead, the essential learning objectives may be repeated in a number of meaningful and exciting ways so that they are learned deeply.

The milestones provide assessment criteria for each learning objective. They describe the progression as follows:

  • Milestone 1 – the expected attainment by the end of Y2.
  • Milestone 2 – the expected attainment by the end of Y4.
  • Milestone 3 – the expected attainment by the end of Y6.

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