Lunches, Snacks and Free School Meals

School Meals

A well balanced and nutritious diet is vital for a child's health, development and general well-being. A healthy and enjoyable lunch will fuel their body and mind and give them the energy they need for a day at school. 

Here at Wardley we offer a wide range of choices for children who wish to take a school dinner. Our menu is updated regularly and runs on a three week cycle to keep the choices varied. Children on school dinners also have access to a salad bar to supplement their dinner and encourage healthy choices.

School dinners are provided free of charge for all pupils from Reception to Year 2, and any pupils eligible for income related Free School Meals. They cost £2.10 per meal for all other pupils. If you think your child/children may be eligible for income related Free School Meals, please visit the following website:

Dinner money is payable on a weekly basis on a Monday morning. We are a cashless school so all payments should be made via the school gateway at  

If your child is absent you will be credited with the appropriate amount at the next payment. 

Packed Lunch

Children are also welcome to bring a healthy packed lunch. Here is some guidance to help pack your child a healthy and nutritious lunch:

Please do not include fizzy drinks, glass bottles or sweets/large chocolate bars in the packed lunch. 

Changing Lunch Arrangements

Pupils are welcome to move between packed lunches and school dinners – we request two week’s notice if your child wishes to change in either way.

Snacks & Milk

Free school milk is available to all children under 5 and those who are entitled to Free School Meals (not Universal Free School Meals). If your child is over 5 and you would like them to have milk you will need to register and pay for milk through the Cool Milk website at

All children in the Early Year Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are provided with fruit each day for their morning snack. Children in key stage 2 can bring in a healthy snack from home to eat during their morning break time. This healthy snack should not be crisps, sweets or chocolate.

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