Holy Trinity

Our Vision - We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Phillippians 4:13

Lived out through collective worship and discussion

For every collective act of worship in the hall the Trinitarian of God is represented through the signs and symbols used, God the Father (the bible), God the Son (the cross) and God the Holy Spirit (candle).

We talk about the Holy Trinity in an age appropriate and fun way with our children by using analogies such as an egg or a Mars Bar.

The Trinity is like a Mars Bar - without the nougat, it’s just a Chomp (chocolate and caramel), without the caramel, it’s just a Milky Way and without the chocolate, it’s a great big mess.

Take any one part of the Trinity away from the Godhead, and it’s no longer the Godhead. We can’t divide them, without changing its very nature.

We teach that when we try to understand God, we need to know that God is more than just Jesus, more than just the Holy Spirit and more than just the Father. All three things are needed to make it complete – just like the Mars Bar.

Our worship table helps us to reflect on the Holy Trinity when we gather for collective worship in our hall. It is dressed by our senior pupils as part of our daily act of collective worship.

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