Year 5 - The Mayans

Date: 8th Apr 2019 @ 3:09pm

Year 5
Mayan Culture Workshop

Today we had a visitor in telling us about the Mayan culture and what they would do.

We were split into groups (city roles): ruler, priests, nobles, peasants and slaves.

Once we learnt about the different roles of the city then we were split into three different groups.

We were showed artefacts from Mayan times and we had to guess which category they would go into. We had to choose from customs and culture, religion and ritual, food and drinks and clothing.

Once we sorted all of the artefacts in the correct categories, we moved onto guessing food that the Mayans would eat. We were given an avocado as a practice test round and we learnt that an avocado was a treasured fruit.  It was also learnt that the Mayans LOVED chocolate. They especially loved hot chocolate because they referred to it as drink of the gods! When we had the food test, we had to look and smell different Mayan foods.  After we did that, Del (our workshop guide) told us the answers to the food questions and group three won.

It was a very exciting and fabulous morning we hope Del will come and visit us again because she helped us learn about our topic and hopefully she can help us in future topics.

By Harrison and Joshua Y5

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