Year 3 - Science - Growing Plants

Date: 22nd Apr 2021 @ 2:51pm

Science in Year 3

Biology – Growing Plants

This half term we have been getting our hands dirty. We are learning all about the growth of plants.

So far we have discovered the functions of the main parts of a flowering plant; namely the roots, stem, leaf and flower.


“Plants need space, sunshine, water, nutrients air and warmth to grow healthily.” – Mason and Esme

Photosynthesis happens in the leaf and needs water, light, carbon dioxide and chlorophyll to make elaborated sap (sugary food) to feed the plant.” – Millie S

 “Without these requirements, a seed will not germinate or the plant might die.” – Millie K

“The leaf takes in Carbon Dioxide (a gas in the air) and gives us oxygen which we breathe.” Athena


We have also planted sunflower seeds and will be observing their growth. We took our own seeds home and are hoping they will grow well by providing them with all the requirements they need such as light, warmth air and water. 

This leads onto a class investigation too.  We will be predicting, observing and identifying the effects of a plant with no water and no light too.

In the classroom we have a herb garden too.  We are hoping to grow thyme, basil and chives.



Nutrients: minerals found in water that feed the plant.

Chlorophyll: a chemical found in green plants. 

Photosynthesis: when a green plant uses the sun’s light to produce energy for itself.

Germinate: when a seed first produces roots and shoots.

Carbon Dioxide: a gas found in the air that is poisonous to humans.

Oxygen: a gas found in the air produces by leaves

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