Year 3 at Bolton Museum

Date: 15th Jul 2022 @ 10:13am

On Thursday 14th July, Year 3 took a well-deserved day off school and visited Bolton Museum.  This tied in nicely with our History topic ‘How the Ancient Egyptians Lived and Died’ as well as supporting our Art curriculum.

If I am completely honest, I think a few goes around the block in the coach would have made them happy but their first trip out since Nursery was thoroughly embraced by all.

In the morning we took part in an Art Workshop where we developed our skills and vocabulary by observing landscapes and portraits, realism, surrealism, abstract and sculptures.  The children created art themselves with fabrics and pencil crayons.  They really put their ‘art and soul’ into it.  Sorry, not sorry.

“I liked the art gallery and the art that was there”

“I enjoyed recreating the landscape of Wyoming and the Colorado River using different fabrics”

“The activities were fun like the drawing”

“We made different sounds from the things we saw in the landscape. This created an atmosphere and the painting came alive”

We all sat on the steps of the town hall to enjoy our lunch in the sunshine. I was disappointed that none of the children had frazzles or salt and vinegar squares so I had to make do with my own cheese and onion.

“The fountain was lovely and Mr T had the town hall turn it on especially for us”

“We congratulated the university graduates with lots of claps”

“I loved eating my sandwiches in the Bolton sunshine”

In the afternoon, after an exploration of the main museum and a browse of the gift shop, we stepped back in time to Ancient Egypt.

“I was Ammit, and weighed Mrs Donovan’s heart who cheated her way into the afterlife”

“I was mummified and my organs were placed in canopic jars friends”

“We were all very respectful when we saw the mummy and learning how this real Ancient Egyptian came to Bolton”

“The dressing up was so much fun”

“I liked looking around the rest of the museum too”

I was hoping the children might sleep on the way back but, alas, they were in full swing, talking and laughing about their exciting day.  Their behaviour and attitude was exemplary and noted by a few members of the museum staff. As their teacher, I was extremely proud of them and I hope they all had a great time.

A special the thank you to Mrs Donovan, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Snaith and Ms Shoaib for their support on the day.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did.

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