Year 3 Anti-Bullying Week

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 2:01pm

PSHE in Year 3

Anti-Bullying Week

16th – 20th November 2020


Last week, and as part of Children in Need 2020, Year 3 considered acts of kindness and spent the week thinking about how we could help others both at home and in school.

This week is Anti-bullying Week and we have been focussing on the important theme of Bullying. 

These two subjects tie in very nicely with each other as the children get to show us how compassionate and empathetic they are towards their friends and family.


We know that bullying is when someone acts intentionally (on purpose) to hurt another person on more than one occasion.


We have learned to recognise different types of bullying such as physical and emotional and describe the effects that unkind actions and words have on individuals.

Also, we have looked at ways we can deal with bullying issues so they can help themselves and others too.


This afternoon, the children were divided into small groups and each created a ‘freeze frame’ bullying scenario.  The other children had to retell the story from the picture while suggesting ways that the incident could be dealt with and how it should be resolved.


Although the children had lots of fun, the seriousness of the message was not lost and I was extremely proud of how maturely they tackled such issues.

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