Year 2's Fabulous Christmas Hand Puppets

Date: 16th Dec 2020 @ 11:53am

Year 2’s Fabulous Hand Puppets

Year 2’s Design and Technology project was to make a Material Puppet.  We came up with our own designs for hand puppets and then we made them out of felt. 

First of all we read about different types of puppets and watched some puppets being made.  After that we decided who our puppets would be designed for.  Then we sewed the front to the back of our puppets.  Next, we added details using googly eyes, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, wool, cotton wool, buttons and other pieces of fabric.  Lastly, we thought about how we might improve our designs next time. 

We had a brilliant time both designing and making our hand puppets.  I think you will agree the end results look absolutely fabulous.

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