Y6 27th April 2020

Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 11:14am

Monday 27th April 2020

Hi Year 6,

Sorry for the late update but this is now my 3rd attempt at today's blog. I don't know what I'm doing wrong today but every time I try to upload the blog, it returns to the log in page and loses everything that I've written...so, I'm going to try again: third time lucky!


Maths No Problem – your parents should have been sent a log-in so that you can access the MNP pages. As we would do in school, I would like you to read and complete the In Focus, read the Let’s Learn and Guided Practice and then complete the associated workbook page. The first unit in Book B is Percentages. So today I would like you to complete Unit 7: lesson 1 – Finding the percentages of a number. This can be done in your school exercise book.

Mathletics - Well done to Laila, Connor, Imogen, Rhia and Lillie but this isn't a great number of children.  You have until 12:30pm to complete Friday's tasks so let’s try and push this figure up. New tasks have been set for today.


Spellodrome – Well done to all of you who completed last week’s tasks. A special shout out to Angus 1060, Erin 1500, Connor 600, Imogen 1000, Max 2000, James 450, Lillie 650, Lexie 2400, Daniel 150, Thomas 1030 and Aiden 6285. This week’s spelling shave been added to you can now get on with those.

Reading – As always, I would like you to complete at least 20 minutes of reading of your choice. This can be a favourite book or an information text.

I would also like you to log on to Oak Academy Resources at www.thenational.academy . Click on classroom, Year 6, English and then open the lesson Newspaper: Reading Comprehension – fact retrieval. I think you’ll find this lesson interesting.

Writing – If you haven’t already, please finish last week’s writing tasks and upload it if you can. Your new writing task will be added tomorrow.

Craft – this week’s craft task will involve space. Please see the Homework folder for more detail.

Discussion – this week’s discussion will be about household chores. Please see the discussion folder for more detail.

Please add/upload in to the most recent folders to ensure that I see them.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Mrs W and Mr F xx


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