Y6 23rd April 2020

Date: 23rd Apr 2020 @ 9:45am

Wednesday 23rd April 2020

Good moring Year 6, I hope you are all ok. 

Today I would like you to complete or continue working on the following:

1. 5 A day (in the Homework file)

2. Finish/work on your Easter project (in the Homework file)

3. Work on the Geography piece of writing (in the Homework file)

4. Work on the art piece and research (in the Homework file)

5. Daily Mathletics

6. Daily Spelladrome

7. Comment on one of the discussion pages (in the Discussion file)

8. Half an hour of reading 

Spellodrome scores so far are as follows:

  • Angus still on 1060
  • Erin up to 1000
  • Connor still on 200
  • Imogen 330
  • Max an excellent 2000 - plus he's accumulating this score through daily visits
  • James still on 450
  • Lillie Pearson - welcome - on 500
  • Lexie still at 1850
  • Daniel lets try and improve on 150 please
  • Thomas your score is registering but it is only 170 - do you think this is correct?
  • Aiden way out in front and accessing it daily - a massive 5460

Keep it going guys and please can we have more join the spelling party!!

In terms of Mathletics the uptake has been a little patchy;  so far only 10 of you have completed tasks.

Erin, Imogen, Max, Rhia, James, Lillie, Jessica, Daniel, Thomas and Aiden a big well done to you all.

  • Imogen, I've reset the 'estimation' exercise and 'short division' exercise - don't forget if you're stuck, use the help function.
  • Daniel, you've got 'estimating products' again.
  • Max, all three of your tasks yesterday were below target buddy, please take your time and use the help function.

Let's try and get more of you using Mathletics. It has some challenging but relevant tasks and will definitely help improve your skills.

Keep your brains functioning and get plenty of fresh air.

Stay safe and miss you all.

Mrs Walker & Mr Foster xx


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