Welcome to Team 1

Date: 15th Jul 2020 @ 12:08pm

Welcome to Team 1


I am thrilled to have you in my class this year! I have been very busy preparing lots of fun activities for when you start in September.


Our Team 1 classroom is a happy smiley and friendly place with a positive and tangible energy of its very own. In here, we work as a team to learn and support each other in everything we do.


Below is a picture of our classroom. It has been set out like this, which is a little different, to keep you all safe.

This is the front door of Team 1 and this is where you will come at the start of the day.

This door, which is in the quadrangle and next to Year 2, is where your parents/carers will pick you up from at the end of the day.


Our school motto is We can do all things. While we try and do all things, we will be making lots of magical mistakes which are proof that we are learning. Mistakes help us to improve our work and flourish.


Together with your parents/carers we can make Team 1 a successful, fun and exciting year for all.


Have a lovely summer hoilday and I can’t wait to meet you in September!


Love heart from

Ms Hoque xxx

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