Wednesday 25.3.2020

Date: 25th Mar 2020 @ 8:54am

Good morning boys and girls,

I hope that you all had fun collecting and counting things from your garden yesterday! 

Today, your challenge is to show the grown up at home with you how good you are at your sounds. Use the sound books I gave you on Friday to tell them all of the sounds you know. After that, your next challenge is to pick your favourite sound and to go on a sound hunt around your house. How many things can you find in your house starting with your favourite sound? 

I chose the 'c' sound. I found cups, cake, coats and obviously... Cooper the dog! 

Have fun on your sound hunts and I will post another challenge for you all tomorrow.


Miss Hargreaves 


PS: a note for parents, working through these sound books once per day will really help them to retain what we have learnt so far. It's something we do in Nursery every morning that doesn't take a lot of a time at all but really does have a huge impact.

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