Wednesday 20th May

Date: 20th May 2020 @ 9:13am

Good Morning Year 5

The sun has got his hat on today.  Remember the sun cream!

To keep your mind active and to give yourself a little break from the sun, have a look at the following piece of work if you can.

Complete the 5 a day – I uploaded it to Monday’s blog.

Maths No Problem  Chapter 8: Percentage - Lesson 2: Finding Percentages.

Mathletics  Continuing with the Fractions unit of work. ‘Compare Fractions 2’ and ‘Shading Equivalent Fractions’

Class discussion  What impact does digital technology have on children? The deadline for this is Friday 22nd May due to the Bank Holiday on Monday.

Spellodrome  The word list has been changed to include more Year 5 National Curriculum words.

This week’s craft task is on School Spider.  The deadline for this is Friday 22nd May.

There is currently one piece of writing homework on School Spider with a deadline of Tuesday 25th May.  I will add another writing task tomorrow.  

Stay safe in the sun.

Mr Houston

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