Tuesday 19th May

Date: 19th May 2020 @ 9:24am

Hello once again Year 5

How are you all?

After I have completed some work with my two boys, we might watch a Star Wars movie marathon as the rain is about.   I wonder what you are up to.

If it suits your situation, have a look at the following tasks.  These will help keep you minds active. 

Complete the 5 a day – I have uploaded it to yesterday’s blog.

Maths No Problem

Chapter 8: Percentage - Lesson 1: Comparing Quantities


Continuing with the Fractions unit of work.

‘Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line 1’ and ‘Compare Fractions 1b’

Class discussion

I would like to know you thoughts on whether digital technology has a negative impact on children’s lives.  The deadline for this is Friday 22nd May due to the Bank Holiday on Monday.


The word list has been changed to include more Year 5 National Curriculum words.

A new craft task has been added to School Spider.  The deadline for this is Friday 22nd May.

I will add another writing task shortly on School Spider.

Mr Houston


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