Thursday 30th April

Date: 30th Apr 2020 @ 9:06am

Good Morning Year 5

How did you all cope with the weather yesterday?  We have been spoilt so far with the hot days

From my conversations with parents, it was lovely to hear that so many of you are completing lots of different types of learning at home (baking, nature walks and reading to name a few) which you cannot necessarily upload.  Do not feel pressure to be doing every task every day - the tasks are posted to give you options and ideas.  Please do what works for you.  I understand every situation is different and keeping safe and healthy is obviously the priority.

Today I would like you to:

  • Continue with 5 a day
  • Mathletics ‘Dividing by 10, 100, 1000’ and ‘Divisibility Tests (2, 5, 10)’
  • Spellodrome
  • There is one writing task about the Maya temple and another one will be added shortly
  • Craft project

Have a great day and stay safe.

Mr Houston

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