Story Winners

Date: 18th Oct 2019 @ 4:10pm

Team 1 have all written some absolutely fabulous stories about a character who goes on a journey. I was so impressed with their super effort.

It was very difficult for the teachers to choose the winners of the story competition as all the children had worked incredibly hard. However, the winners were eventually picked and their stories were turned into books!

The winners were…..Sienna and Phoebe J Well done girls!

Sienna’s story was about a unicorn who left her family and went to visit different relatives in China. Eventually, she missed home so much she used her magical powers to return back to her home which was a ‘beautiful, sweet smelling meadow.’ 

Phoebe’s story was about a guinea pig who went to visit family friends from all around the world. However, each place had its own problems such as being too hot or too cold. Eventually the little guinea pig made a long journey all the way home and was finally happily reunited with her family.

Super effort Team 1! And remember, there will be more chances throughout the year to get your story turned into your own book.

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