Spring Term Design and Technology

Date: 14th Apr 2021 @ 12:56pm

Design and Technology at Wardley

Spring Term 


I am proud to announce that Design and Technology is flourishing at Wardley. Despite all the chaos of Covid, the teachers and children have researched, designed and created some amazing products; building on the skills that they were mastering previously.

The children have worked brilliantly together; helping each other with their DT skills such as measuring, cutting, joining, sewing and assembling.


Year 1 produced some ‘Wonderful Windmills for mice to live in; just like they do in Amsterdam. The windmills were standing structures with rotating sails. The children were able to talk about the whole process with such delight and use technical terms such as axle.  Amazing architects!


Year 2 designed and constructed ‘Magic Motors’ like cars and buses. The children knew exactly why they were making their vehicle and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them about their creations.  I have been in touch with Hot Wheels and Ferrari, both of whom are keeping a close eye on our budding designers. Excellent engineers! 


Year 3 focussed on ‘Terrific Textiles’. With very little experience, they managed to use running stitch, back stitch cross stitch and over stitch (as well as some stitches of their own design) to create some amazing bags. They showed great perseverance throughout the whole process. Super stitchers!


Year 4 designed, made and evaluated ‘Radical Robots’ using a simple electrical circuit to light up part of their product.  The children used scientific symbols to draw accurate series circuit and completed the circuit with a switch of their own making.  They could explain how they made their products using vocabulary such as circuit, switch, wire, battery and bulb. Bright sparks!


Year 5 used a range of practical skills to construct a ‘Marvellous Mayan Temple’. The children used different equipment, including a protractor, to a really complex net for a 3-D shape.  They took inspiration from designs from the Mayan civilisation, creating some good links to History and their Art project.  After creating their temples, the children could articulate their strengths, through a reflection and evaluation, as well as identifying areas for development.  The end products were amazing.  Terrific Temples!


Year 6 made some ‘Brilliant Board Games’.   They decided to use the pupils in Year 2 as their target consumer. They generated some market research first, to gauge an understanding of the types of interests that children aged 6-7 had.  They then designed and constructed their own electronic board games using these ideas. Once generated, they sent their games to Y2 who played them and gave some feedback.

The feedback was extremely positive and they all thoroughly enjoyed playing the games.  As with Year 2, I have been in touch with Hasbro, Fisher-Price and Mattel. Multi-million-dollar contracts will be drawn up next half term. Great Gaming!


From a subject leader’s point of view, I thought the children and teachers were superb.  This was a steep learning curve for many of them, researching, designing and creating something new, but it seems they all thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. 

I have attached some photographs of each class to show the design process and their amazing final product.

Thank you to all the children and staff for making Design and Technology and complete success at Wardley.


Mr A Tinkler (DT subject leader)

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