Remote Learning Guide

Date: 5th Jan 2021 @ 5:35pm

Year 1

Remote Learning Guide

Dear Parents, carers and children,

Whilst you are off school, here is our daily timetable.  I have tried my best to create a simple routine that we can all get used to over the next few weeks.  If there are any changes to the daily timetable, then I will let you know immediately.  

Despite our preparations, this is the first time we have experienced remote learning so please be patient and do not worry if we encounter any problems. We will work together to provide the very best learning for your children during this time of uncertainty.  

There are enough tasks to see you through the day. You may tackle each activity through the day at times that suit you.

I will try to explain each task as clearly as possible.

9.00 am - 5-a-day – complete the 5 calculations for that day.

9.30 am – Meet on Google Classroom and Phonics

I will run through the 5-a-day and teach phonics. 

This will also be a good time to ask any questions and sort out any issues from the previous day.

You will be expected to complete your daily spelling task.


11.00 am – Meet on Google Classroom and Maths

We will count together and have a look through the focus task.

This will be another opportunity to ask any questions and sort out any issues.

You will be expected to complete your daily Maths task.


1.30 pm – Meet on Google Classroom and Curriculum

This is our final meet of the day and another opportunity for a chat.

I will present the afternoon task from Science, History, RE, Art, PE or PSHE.

 You will be expected to complete the curriculum task by 3pm.


Try to tackle Maths, English and Curriculum tasks each day but please DO NOT worry if you cannot complete all of them.  I have designed the tasks so they are manageable for both parents and children.


If you have any issues please do not hesitate to message through the day.  I am sure as the weeks go on, we will become remote learning masters.


The first meet will begin tomorrow at 9:30


I cannot wait to see you all in school very soon.


Love from Ms H X


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