Reception 22.05.20

Date: 22nd May 2020 @ 8:46am

Friday =)

Another week down everybody, yay!

Next week I won’t be posting any tasks because it is the Whit holidays. I will however post details of some fun activities you can complete if you want to. Enjoy boys and girls =)

Today I would like you to;

Complete phonics tasks for today. 
Choose a book from the Oxford Owl eBooks and read for pleasure. Talk is a vital and helps develop comprehension skills for later life. I want you to talk about the characters in your chosen stories and offer your own opinions about what you have read. 


Complete the writing numbers task, you could do this in your yellow books or you can download the sheets from Schoolspider. 

To have a little fun and play the snakes and ladders addition game with someone in your house (on Schoolspider). 

Sending you all virtual hugs my little superstars =)

Mrs Flanagan 

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