Reception 11.05.20

Date: 11th May 2020 @ 7:26am

Happy Monday, 

Did you all have a lovely bank holiday? Once again it was a very quiet one for me = )

Practise the phonemes on the sound mat daily.
Each day of the week, I will also give you a sound to practise (you can use the PowerPoint file on School spider which contains the sounds and words to read for this week):
Monday 11th: Introduce weekly spellings to learn throughout the week – the, she, he, were, said, was. 
Tuesday 12th: Focus on the ‘ure’ sound.  Ask the children to read and then write: pure, cure, manure. Recap weekly spellings.
Wednesday 13th: Focus on the ‘er’ sound.  Ask the children to read and then write: her, term, fern.  Recap weekly spellings.
Thursday 14th: Recap this week’s sounds ‘ure’ and  ‘er’. Follow the Phonics Play link to play Picnic on Pluto with  ‘ure’ and ‘er’ words, sorting them into real and fake words by blending the sounds:
Click on ‘Start’, ‘Phase 3’ then +ure, +er
Friday 15th: Children to practise writing this week’s spellings independently to test if they have learnt them.

Monday 4th– Recap the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar (we have already studied this book in English) Explore the fruit bowls I have uploaded to School Spider. How can you sort them? What groups have you got in there? How can you combine these to make some maths problems? (e.g How many apples and bananas?) Can you write this as a number sentence? 

This week I want you to make your own vehicle. It could be a vehicle of the past to link in with our history topic.  You can work at your own pace and decide what to do each day.
•    Decide on a vehicle you would like to design and make using the materials and resources you have around your house. There are lots of ideas on the internet.
•    Draw your design first, could you add some labels?
•    Over two day, gather your resources and make your model – remember, just use the resources you have around your house.
•    If you are able to, decorate your model thinking carefully about the colours you would like to use.
•    Write 2-3 sentences about the vehicle you have made – what vehicle it is, who uses the vehicle, any facts about it.

Mrs Flanagan 

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