Reception 07.05.20

Date: 7th May 2020 @ 8:53am

Thursday =)

I won’t be posting tomorrow, I will be getting ready for my VE day garden celebration (obviously just with myself, Freddie and Dave). Freddie and I have decorated some bunting and we are very excited. 

Warm up: Get your adult to choose a number 0-10, how many ways can you make that number? These are warm ups so don’t require any writing, they are to help with mental arithmetic. Have a number line visible for the children to use but most children before we left school could tell me different ways to make numbers by looking at the number line. 

I have uploaded some number bond questions to complete on School Spider.   

If you fancy a sing-a-long. This website has 5 lots of songs for you to sing and share together. There are songs that you have already learnt in school and new ones too. Some of the songs have little activities/tasks that you can complete. BBC bitesize also has a weekly music lesson on too.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

Mrs Flanagan =)

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