Reception 05.05.20

Date: 5th May 2020 @ 7:32am

Tuesday =)

Yesterday, I received a lovely gift off my niece. She had made me a bath bomb from a kit she had been given for Easter. I have never used a bath bomb before, wow! Freddie loved it too! It fizzed around the bath really quickly and it smelt absolutely delicious. 
Have any of you received anything interesting over the last few weeks?


Can you imagine if a tiger came to your house for tea? What do you think he would like to eat? Can you design a menu for the tiger? You could draw some pictures of the food you would like to include too. 
Please encourage capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop at the end of each sentence.  We also encourage children to hear the sounds and try to spell as much as they can independently. 
Children can add extra detail if they like.  You may need to provide some words for your child to copy.  However, if they are able, and most children should be able to, try and encourage them to write words themselves but with some support from an adult at home.

Can you make a shopping list of the things you will need for your menu? Can you put some price tags on the food (numbers up to 10)? Can you count up the items and find a total? 

Enjoy = )

Mrs Flanagan 

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