Reception 01.05.20

Date: 1st May 2020 @ 8:39am

Friday, yay!

I hope you are all doing well. I am really missing you all. 

It has been brilliant to speak to most of you this week. If I haven’t had a chance to chat with you yet, either last week or yesterday or I had to leave a voicemail, I will endeavour to contact you today or next week.  

One thing that I have said to parents and as a school we want to reiterate, is that I appreciate how hard you are all working with your children and I understand that it is not always possible to upload work, respond to work or do everything, but that is fine.  I have set lots of different tasks to give you variety, so I want to reassure you that you must not feel like you have to do everything every day.  I am just giving you options and you must do what you feel works best for you, for your child and for your routine. 

Lots of you are working from home and it is difficult to do your own work and teach your child at the same time – I know from personal experience how challenging this can be. 

I don’t want anyone feeling under pressure over the home school learning. Some days you may get through everything and other days you may do nothing, but this is ok. We are in unprecedented times and I want this experience to be a positive as it can be. If any of you have any concerns or questions please email the office and they will pass them on to myself.

Maths Continue to work with some 2 digit numbers. Can you write a list using tens and ones for someone in your house to solve? Use your number squares to help you = )
3 tens and 6 ones 
5 tens and 1 one 
7 tens and 3 ones 
Who will you choose to write down the answers? Good Luck. 

Complete your phonics task for the day – ‘ir’ 
Then I would like you to FaceTime someone in your family and read them the story from yesterday, ‘The Troll in the Pond.’ 
Don’t forget to use your expression boys and girls =)

Have a lovely weekend, I hope the weather improves. 

Mrs Flanagan 

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