Date: 9th Apr 2019 @ 9:15am


Over the next few weeks, Mawuli will be coming into class and teaching us all about friendship.  Today, we were introduced to the idea of friendship and discussed what made a good friend.  Later, we thought about how we could make friends when we find ourselves in a new, unfamiliar situation. Finally, we got to use and understand the term ‘empathy’.

Empathy (noun) the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Jasmine commented, “You can cheer your friend up if they are sad by playing with them.”

Mollie said, “SMILE!”

Archie explained, “I know that I can show empathy.  If my mum is tired then I would wash the pots for her.”

Harley noticed, “I show empathy when I see someone stood on their own on the playground.  I ask them if they are OK and invite them to join my game.”

Emilia said, “A good friend is kind and helpful and makes you smile and laugh.”

Jack concluded, “It is important to be a good friend because it means you are doing something for others.”

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