PSHE and Computing - Safer Internet Day 2020

Date: 11th Feb 2020 @ 2:18pm

PSHE and Computing in Year 3

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 11th February 2020

Today we learned ways to be safe and kind while on the internet.

The children were given a number of scenarios relating to ‘Being safe online’ and ‘Being kind online’.

They moved around the classroom, choosing a response to each scenario and decided what they thought.  On the walls were cards with the words; ‘It’s fine’, ‘It’s OK if no one finds out’, ‘It depends’, ‘I’m not sure about this’ and ‘It’s not OK’.

The children had some fantastic thoughts about being safe and kind on the internet and we engaged in some wonderful debates where the children were able to put their points of view forward.  Their ideas were extremely sensible, thought-provoking and mature.

They got the chance to clarify their learning with some short written pieces.

This was a fantastic activity and the children gained so much from it.

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