Nursery 14.5.2020 and 15.5.2020

Date: 14th May 2020 @ 8:04am

Good morning children :-)


For today's challenge, we are going to be foussing on initial sounds (the first sound in a word).

First of all, go through all of your sounds with Mummy or Daddy to make sure that they are all fresh in your head. You can try this PowerPoint if you want to do it on a screen, if not you can just use your sound books. If you chose to use the interactive sound slideshow, number 5 has most of the sounds we know. 

After you have been through all of your sounds, your grown-up will choose one of the sounds we have learnt. Your job is to then go on a hunt around your home for things that start with that sound. How many can you find?

Once finished, you could have a go at drawing some of the things you found and labelling them - as long as its an easy word that you can sound out.


I chose the sound 'f'.

I have found flowers, a fireplace, a fan, fingers and a fridge. 

Some sounds will be easier and some will definitely be harder. I don't think I have any 'x' things in my house!


I am in school tomorrow and so won't be posting another blog now until Monday.

Have a lovely weekend :-)


Miss Hargreaves x

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