Monday 18th May

Date: 18th May 2020 @ 9:12am

Good Morning Year 5

I hope you are all well and that you had an enjoyable weekend.

I wonder what your plans are for the week.  I have been tasked with painting the garden fence and putting some decking down.  I’m not particularly looking forward to it but at least it will keep me busy.

If your situation allows, please have a look at the following pieces of work.  If you are doing anything outside of this list, feel free to upload it to School Spider as I would love to see what you are doing to keep busy.

Complete the 5 a day – I have uploaded it to this blog.

Maths No Problem

Monday: Chapter 7: Decimals - Lesson 15: Rounding Decimals

Tuesday: Chapter 8: Percentage - Lesson 1: Comparing Quantities

Wednesday: Chapter 8: Percentage - Lesson 2: Finding Percentages

Thursday: Chapter 8: Percentage - Lesson 3: Finding Percentages

Friday: Chapter 9: Geometry - Lesson 1: Knowing Types of Angles


Continuing with the Fractions unit of work.

Monday ‘Ordering Fractions’ and ‘Equivalent Fractions 1’

Tuesday ‘Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line 1’ and ‘Compare Fractions 1b’

Wednesday ‘Compare Fractions 2’ and ‘Shading Equivalent Fractions’

Thursday ‘What Mixed Number Is Shaded?’ and ‘Mixed to Improper’

Friday ‘Improper to Mixed’ and ‘Converting Mixed and Improper’

Class discussion

I think it was unanimous that our Year 5 children would prefer human teachers to computer teachers, which is a relief!  The class discussion has now been changed.  The deadline for this is Friday 22nd May due to the Bank Holiday on Monday.


The word list has been changed to include more Year 5 National Curriculum words.

A new craft task has been added to School Spider.  The deadline for this is Friday 22nd May.

There are currently two pieces of writing homework on School Spider with a deadline of tomorrow.  I will add another writing task tomorrow.  

Stay safe and stay positive.

Mr Houston

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