Monday 11th May

Date: 10th May 2020 @ 6:52pm

Good Morning Year 5

I hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend, and that no one was sun burnt.

Thank you to both children and parents throughout lockdown for all the work you are doing, much of which I know I haven’t seen. 

This week, I would like you to

Read for at least 15 minutes a day

Complete the 5 a day - I have uploaded it to this blog.

Spellodrome - The Year 5 National Curriculum words has been changed.

Mathletics – This week we complete the Multiply and Divide Written unit of work

Monday: ‘Multiply: 2-Digit Number, Regroup’ and ‘Long Multiplication’

Tuesday: ‘Divide: 1-Digit Divisor 1’ and ‘Divide: 1-Digit Divisor, Remainder’

Wednesday: ‘Short Division’ and ‘Remainders by Tables’

Thursday: ‘Word Problems: Multiply and Divide’ and ‘Test’

Friday sees us start the ‘Fractions’ unit of work. ‘Are you ready?’ and ‘Equivalent Fractions’

Maths No Problem

Monday: Lesson 10 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Tuesday: Lesson 11 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Wednesday: Lesson 12 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals        

Thursday: Lesson 13 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Friday: Lesson 14 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Class discussion

It was interesting hearing your thoughts on lockdown.  The class discussion has now been changed.  The deadline for this is Monday 11th May.

Craft project

This has also been changed.  The deadline for this is Monday 11th May.

I hope these activities keep you busy this week.  As always, these are options and not a requirement.

Stay safe.

Mr Houston 






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