How food has changed over time?

Date: 8th Apr 2019 @ 3:07pm

This half term we have been looking at how food has changed over time. The children have learnt how cooking appliances have changed and how food was different to when our grandparents were young. I want to say a huge well done to the children who asked their grandparents and families what their favourite foods used to be – it was really interesting to hear all about the different dishes. We also had recipes, cookbooks and even some scales from the 1950’s to look at. Thank you very much to parents for sending these in – it made the lessons very exciting for the children!

Today we have gone back to the 1950’s and made a recipe which was a popular snack – Stuffed Celery. The children did a fantastic job making the food and we all had a try at the end. See if you can guess by the children’s faces who liked it and who didn’t!

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