History - The Stone Age

Date: 16th Oct 2019 @ 2:53pm

History in Year 3

The Stone Age

This half term we have been studying the Stone Age.  We have compared houses of the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Stone Age as well as learning what materials they used to build them. We recently discovered the reasons why Stone Age people moved from hunter-gatherers to starting farming communities.

“The Stone Age is split into 3 parts – Palaeolithic (old), Mesolithic (middle) and Neolithic (new) when metal was invented.” James

 “Some Neolithic houses used animal poo to fill gaps in the walls so the cold and rain couldn’t get in.” Ellie and Skyler

“We know that the Stone Age people hunted for animals like cave bears and deer because there are paintings in caves.” Jayden, Ethan and Callum.

“Stone Age people used materials, like turf and animal skin, they found around them to build houses.” Phoebe

“When the Ice Age was over the ice melted. Rivers came and forests grew which meant there were fish and animals everywhere.” Holly

Children in Year 3 have also created some amazing projects at home.  

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