Friday 22nd May

Date: 22nd May 2020 @ 9:48am

Good morning Year 4,

I am back up and running! My internet has been fixed this morning and I am very grateful. It felt very strange to have no internet but it made me keep busy in other ways and I quite enjoyed it.

We have come to the end of our half-term. It has been very strange and I have missed not teaching you all in class but it was more important to look out for each other and keep each other safe. I will not be setting daily activities or blog posts over the half-term break, however, I will be setting a half-term project for you and you can also complete any activities you hadn't managed to get round to if you would like.

Today, I have set two Mathletic tasks and a new writing task for you using the picture attached to this blog. It is...

Describe the moment when the person realises that there is something behind them – try to build the atmosphere and make the reader feel tense. How do they find out? [rumbling? growling? a single rock bouncing across their path?] How will they react?

If you are doing Maths No Problem! it is Textbook B Chapter 10, Lesson 7- Measuring Height.


Mathletics- well done to Shea, Honey-Leigh, Olivia, Hannah May, Charlie, Naomi and Lucas for some great Maths work.

Times Tables Rockstars- well done to Grace for improving her speed!

Spellings- Some great spelling work from Max, Ava S and Jay.

Writing- I have been very impressed with Naomi and Archie's writing this week- well done!

All of the chocolate bar designs were brilliant and I am sure they would all be yummy!

Have a brilliant day and an amazing half-term!

Miss Hay :)

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