Design and Technology - Spring Term

Date: 22nd Apr 2022 @ 7:45am

I am so proud to announce that Design and Technology is still flourishing at Wardley.

Design and Technology is a study that focuses on planning, designing and creating products for people to use.

The teachers and children have researched, designed and created some amazing products; building on the skills that they were mastering previously.

The children have worked brilliantly together; helping each other with their DT skills such as measuring, cutting, joining, sewing and assembling.


Year 1 has focused on structures, constructing a windmill inspired by the song, ‘Mouse in a windmill’. The children have designed, decorated and built a windmill for their mouse client to live in, developing an understanding of different types of windmills, how they work and their key features.

The children worked incredibly well and thoroughly enjoyed testing their windmills outside.

“I am going to go home to make a mouse for my windmill.”

“That this was the best lesson ever!”


Year 2 has been making wheeled vehicles.  First, they investigated toy cars to see what made them work and found out all about axles.  Secondly, the children designed their own wheeled vehicles and coloured designs on to a card net. Next, they folded nets and stuck with tape and glue to make car bodies. After that the children measured our dowels and used a little hacksaw to make axles.  

"I'm going to do this when I am older."

 "This is so much fun."


Year 3 focussed on textiles. With very little experience, they managed to use running stitch, back stitch cross stitch and over stitch (as well as some stitches of their own design) to create some amazing bags. They showed great perseverance throughout the whole process.

“I can’t believe I can use these different stitches”

“I am so proud of my bag. I’m going to fill it with rocks.”


In Year 4, the children have been looking at electrical circuits. They built our own circuits and switches so they could turn bulbs on and off.  Then, the children designed and built a robot that they could connect electrical circuits to so the robots had a light-up part. Year 4 worked incredibly hard and were very generous and helpful with each other.  They could explain how they made their products using vocabulary such as circuit, switch, wire, battery and bulb.

 "It was really fun to do and I enjoyed being creative and using my imagination."

"It was very fun and I enjoyed building my robot. I now know more about electricity."


In line with our Science unit of forces, Year 5 has been looking at pulleys and how they support movement.  We also used the opportunity to build on their knowledge of electric circuits and switches to produce a motorised vehicle.  The children designed and produced their own vehicle using practical skills such as sawing and sanding.

"My DT week has been amazing!”

“My favourite part of the week was using junior hacksaw and sandpaper.  I love learning new DT skills.”

"I enjoyed it a lot and want more opportunities to do DT in school and at home.”


Year 6 will be tackling their DT after they have smashed the SATs.


From a subject leader’s point of view, I thought the children and teachers were superb. 

This was a steep learning curve for many of them, researching, designing and creating something new, but it seems they all thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

Have a look at all the photographs of each class to show the design process and skills they used.

Thank you to all the children and staff for making Design and Technology a complete success at Wardley.

Mr A Tinkler (DT subject leader)

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