Design and Technology in Year 3

Date: 15th Dec 2020 @ 5:52pm

Design Technology in Year 3

Shell Structures

For this term’s Design Technology (DT) the children have been challenged to design and make a box.  The box comes with a small Christmas gift inside, for a member of the family.

If you haven't received the gift then there are one or two possibilities. Either you aren't their favourite member of the family or they've kept the boxes for themselves. 


The children have worked brilliantly together; helping each other with their DT skills such as measuring, cutting, joining, scoring and assembling.


We have explored 3D shapes by assembling cubes, prisms, cuboids and tetrahedrons from nets and straws to make frames.


In their own words, here are the skills that the children have tackled.


“First, I designed my product and decided what materials I should use.

Next, I looked at a cereal box to see how it was made.

After, I made a prototype so I could get used to assembling my final product.

I found cutting and assembling really tricky at first but after a few goes I was more confident.

I liked decorating my box and changing my design.

I used cutting, scoring, folding, assembling and finishing skills.


From a teacher’s point of view, I thought the boxes were superb.  This was a steep learning curve for the children and they thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. 


I have attached some photographs of the design process and their final product.

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