Making Cornflake Cakes

Date: 8th Apr 2019 @ 3:05pm

Today we had a very exciting morning making some delicious cornflake cakes! We are going to write some instructions on how to make them in English this week.

Here are some examples of children explaining how to make cornflake cakes:

Phoebe says: First, you have to wash your hands.

Ashley said: Then, you have to weigh the cornflakes with some scales.

Evie T said: After that, you need to weigh the butter, chocolate and golden syrup.

Ethan says: Next, melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a microwave

(We made sure an adult did this for us because it was hot!)

James said: Then, pour the delicious melted chocolate onto the cornflakes.

Skye said: Next, stir the cornflakes and chocolate together with a spoon.

Diana said: Last, put the mixture into cake cases and decorate with mini eggs!

Here are some pictures of us with our finished cake!

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