At one with Nature - Year 6

Date: 13th May 2021 @ 3:57pm

This week is Mental Health Week and we were asked to consider how nature can help us with our mental health.

After some great discussions in class about what the children do to help themselves destress and how being outdoors can help us, we used the school gounds to go and explore whilst being at one with nature.

The chidlren were invited to take off their socks and shoes and go on a barefoot walk...this was great fun! 

They were also asked to find natural resources like leaves, flowers, twigs etc and to create some natural sculptures; they create some beautiful pieces.

Finally, we played a game of 'Sunshine Tig' where the sun had to catch all of the 'water droplets' whilst being prevented by the 'clouds' you will see in our photos, the Y6 children particularly enjoyed this.

The children had so much fun that they have asked if they can do this again before they leave in July...when it is a little warmer. I'm sure that can arranged Year 6 :) 

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