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  • Egg Box Maths - Reception

    Published 02/11/17, by David Foster

    Amazing maths!

    Over the last 6 weeks the Reception children have been introduced to egg box counting. Developed by Singapore Maths this technique helps children to visualise numbers and helps create the solid foundations for number bonds.

    I am so proud of how well the children have worked during whole class teaching and how excited they are each morning.

    Well done Reception!!

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  • Diwali - EYFS

    Published 23/10/17, by David Foster



    In Nursery and Reception we have been celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali.  We found out about how the festival originated, some of the symbols of Diwali and how it is celebrated.  We made our own Diva lamps and lanterns, we designed Rangoli patterns on paper and by using shapes and we tried some Diwali celebration food. We have had a lovely day!

    For more pictures click here

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  • Reception Baking

    Published 21/09/17, by David Foster

    This week during mathematics Reception have been making one more biscuits. After choosing a number from a pack of cards the children then had to find one more of the number and make that number out of biscuit mix. They had so much fun and have asked to make one less biscuits soon!

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  • Caterpillars and Kites!

    Published 13/09/17, by David Foster

    Caterpillars and Kites


    This morning, in Nursery, Charlie brought in the biggest caterpillar we had ever seen.  The children all looked at the caterpillar and we talked about what it needed and what it would eventually turn into.  In the afternoon, Sienna suggested we made kites as it was such a windy day.  We talked about how to make them and what shape they needed to be. Then lots of children made their own kites and then we went outside to fly them.  We have had a super day!

    For more pictures click here.

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  • ┬áNursery Blackpool Trip

    Published 21/06/17, by David Foster

    Nursery Trip to Blackpool

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  • Road Safety

    Published 08/05/17, by David Foster

    Reception had some very important visitors on Tuesday from the Road Safety team at Salford Council. Reception learnt all about travelling safely in cars, the importance of wearing seatbelts and how to cross the road safely. At the end of the session we designed our own travelling bear, what a morning!

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  • Smithills Farm - Reception

    Published 15/03/17, by David Foster

    Smithills Farm trip

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  • District Nurse Visits Wardley

    Published 17/01/17, by David Foster

    The District Nurse visits Wardley

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  • Christmas Dinner in EYFS

    Published 20/12/16, by David Foster

    All our EYFS children enjoying their Christmas dinner

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  • Zoolab in Reception

    Published 15/11/16, by David Foster

    As part of our topic work ‘Mini beast and Animals’ Reception class had a very special visitor from Zoolab who brought in various mini beasts and animals for us to hold and talk about. Well done Reception, you were very sensible and asked some fantastic questions. 

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  • Reception Cooking

    Published 09/11/16, by David Foster

    This week in Reception the children have been baking as part of our Maths, we have been using scales to measure the correct amount of ingredients and have been categorising items in order of their weight.

    The best part however was sampling our delicious biscuits and offering our opinions about them! 

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  • Phonics at Wardley

    Published 24/09/16, by David Foster

    Watch a video of our EYFS children doing phonics

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