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  • Read, Write, Inc - Nursery

    Published 10/05/18, by David Foster

    Read, Write, Inc


    In Nursery we have started our Read, Write, Inc lessons.  This week we have been learning the sound ‘m’.  We have been listening carefully on the carpet, we have been joining in whilst learning our new sound, we have been trying to do some “Fred Talk”, we have learned a writing rhyme – “Maisie, Mountain, Mountain” and we have been learning how to write ‘m’ in different media.


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  • Farm Visit Reception

    Published 26/03/18, by David Foster

    Smithills' Farm trip

    Reception had a brilliant time at Smithills Farm learning all about the animals. We were praised for our fantastic behaviour by the farmer and even got to have a sneaky look at a new born Llama.

    The children saw everything from; cows, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, llamas, owls, eagles, donkeys, ducks and deer. In fact, we counted over 25 different types of animals!


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  • Chinese New Year - EYFS

    Published 28/02/18, by David Foster

    Chinese New Year in Nursery and Reception

    We have been celebrating Chinese New Year in Nursery and Reception.  In the morning we tried Chinese food – noodles, egg fried rice, prawn crackers with sweet chili dip and fortune cookies – which we absolutely loved!  We played games using chopsticks, we made lucky Chinese envelopes and filled them with chocolate coins and we made lucky Chinese bracelets.  In the afternoon, in Nursery, we had a special visitor.   Charlie’s mummy came in and played some Chinese games with us, showed us how to do Chinese paper folding and Chinese writing.  Then we made ourselves a bookmark with our names on them in beautiful Chinese script.


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  • ‘c’ is for cookies

    Published 14/02/18, by David Foster

    ‘c’ is for cookies


    In Nursery we each made a cookie because we have been learning a new sound this week - c.  We mixed all the dry ingredients together, rubbed in the butter and then formed them into balls to make our cookies.  We described the mixture as wet, squishy and squidgy.  But we described our finished chocolate chip cookies as scrumdiddlyupmtious

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  • Shrove Tuesday

    Published 14/02/18, by David Foster

    Shrove Tuesday in Nursery and Reception

    On Shrove Tuesday Nursery and Reception found out all about this special day and why we make pancakes to celebrate.  Then we all went in the hall and enjoyed a delicious treat of freshly made pancakes.  We mixed the batter and then the teachers cooked them in their frying pans, flipping them over in the air as high as they could.  We had lots of tasty things on our pancakes such as, lemon and sugar, chocolate spread and golden syrup.  They were amazing!

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  • Library Lynn - Nursery

    Published 22/01/18, by David Foster

    Library Lynn

    We invited the Nursery parents in to a lovely session with ‘Library Lynn’.  Lynn told us all about joining the library and about the BookTrust books that each child was going to receive.  She then shared some fantastic stories with us.  Lynn started off with a brilliant story called ‘Shark in the Park on the Windy Day’.  Some of the children knew a similar story about Timothy Pope and his telescope and thoroughly enjoyed joining in with the story refrains and using their imaginary telescopes.  Lynn followed this story with an action book called ‘A Busy Day for Birds’ and finished with a funny story about a sulky monkey and her banana, called ‘Betty Goes Bananas’.  The children and all of the parents had a super time!

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  • Passata and Pepperoni Pizza - Nursery

    Published 22/01/18, by David Foster

    Passata and Pepperoni Pizza

    We have been looking at the ‘p’ sound this week and one of our picture cards was pepperoni pizza.  This led the children to designing their own pizzas on the Busy Table.  Then we decided to make our own pizzas.  We spread passata on with a knife, then added a slice of cheese and a piece of pepperoni.  Next, we added more cheese on top and put them in the oven to cook.  The children loved them and said they were “scrummy, delish, yummy, scrumptious and delicious.” 

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  • Egg Box Maths - Reception

    Published 02/11/17, by David Foster

    Amazing maths!

    Over the last 6 weeks the Reception children have been introduced to egg box counting. Developed by Singapore Maths this technique helps children to visualise numbers and helps create the solid foundations for number bonds.

    I am so proud of how well the children have worked during whole class teaching and how excited they are each morning.

    Well done Reception!!

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  • Diwali - EYFS

    Published 23/10/17, by David Foster



    In Nursery and Reception we have been celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali.  We found out about how the festival originated, some of the symbols of Diwali and how it is celebrated.  We made our own Diva lamps and lanterns, we designed Rangoli patterns on paper and by using shapes and we tried some Diwali celebration food. We have had a lovely day!

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  • Reception Baking

    Published 21/09/17, by David Foster

    This week during mathematics Reception have been making one more biscuits. After choosing a number from a pack of cards the children then had to find one more of the number and make that number out of biscuit mix. They had so much fun and have asked to make one less biscuits soon!

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  • Caterpillars and Kites!

    Published 13/09/17, by David Foster

    Caterpillars and Kites


    This morning, in Nursery, Charlie brought in the biggest caterpillar we had ever seen.  The children all looked at the caterpillar and we talked about what it needed and what it would eventually turn into.  In the afternoon, Sienna suggested we made kites as it was such a windy day.  We talked about how to make them and what shape they needed to be. Then lots of children made their own kites and then we went outside to fly them.  We have had a super day!

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  •  Nursery Blackpool Trip

    Published 21/06/17, by David Foster

    Nursery Trip to Blackpool

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