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On Safari with Year 1

On Safari!

In science this half term year one have been ‘on safari’. We have been investigating living things and learning about different minibeasts. We have enjoyed going onto the playground and into Reception’s muddy area to hunt for different invertebrates. At first we looked at snails and learnt that they hide in their shells when there is danger.

Then we took part in an investigation to see whether a woodlouse likes to live in the light or dark. We carefully put the woodlouse into a tub and covered it so half was dark and half was light. We found that they moved over to the darker side so we learnt that they like to live in dark, damp places. Finally we did a minibeast hunt and made a bar chart showing how many we found.

This unit has linked in with our Bog Baby story where we looked at the Bog Babies’ habitat and why it belonged there. I want to say a big thank you to everyone for their fantastic home projects. The children were very proud of them - and rightly so! It was lovely to hear them explain why their habitat would be suitable for the Bog Baby to live. Thank you to all of the parents and carers for the help and support with these!

Here are some pictures of us during the last half term in science.

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