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Welcome to Year 6

Y6 – Autumn Term

The pupils in Year 6 have made a good start to the academic year and are beginning to get used to the challenges of the Year 6 curriculum.

It goes without saying that the pupils are enjoying learning about World War Two and have an abundance of questions about it on a daily basis. They have already learnt about the start of the war and have listened to Neville Chamberlain’s announcement to the British public – this made them think about how they would feel listening to such an address.

They are looking forward to finding out more about the evacuation of children and the different experiences they encountered. We will also learn about how the war affected Salford and the surrounding areas, including the bombing of Old Trafford (which we will be visiting very soon).

In the meantime, please encourage your child to read about WWII and if you or your family have any interesting stories or photos from the war, please share them with us as we would love to know what went on.