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  • Year 1 make sandwiches

    Published 11/12/17, by David Foster

    How to make a sandwich.

    Tuesday 28th November 2017

    In English we have been learning how to write instructions. This week we made some sandwiches and wrote the instructions of how to make them in our books. Half of the children made jam sandwiches and the other half made ham and cheese sandwiches.

    Isaac says: First you have to wash your hands.

    Ellie said: Then you have to get two slices of bread and lay them out on the table.

    Lennon said: After you need to spread the jam on the bread.

    Millie says: Next you cut the sandwich in half.

    Holly said: Last, you can eat the delicious sandwich.

    Here are some pictures of our class making the sandwiches.

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  • Year 1 Christingle

    Published 11/12/17, by David Foster


    In RE we have been learning about light and Christmas. This week we made a Christingle and learnt what each part represents.

    Callum said: The orange represents the world.

    Ashley said: The red ribbon represents Jesus’ love.

    Ethan said: The sweets represent the fruits.

    Alariah said: The sticks represent the four seasons or directions.

    Daniel said: The candle represents that Jesus is the light of the world.

    We really enjoyed making the Christingles and here are some pictures of our class making them.

    For more pictures click here.


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  • Year 1 visit All Saint's Church

    Published 11/12/17, by David Foster

    Visit to All Saints’ Church

    Wednesday 6th December 2017

    Today Year 1 visited All Saints’ church and next week they will be writing a recount of their visit in their English books.

    This week in RE we are learning about Advent. Father Jeremey showed the children the Advent candles and we looked at what each candle represents. He also told us that purple is the colour of Advent and we identified several things in the church which were this colour!

    Whilst we were there we also looked at the different objects around the church and what they are used for such as the font and the altar.

    The children asked Father Jeremey lots of thoughtful questions about the different things they could see.

    Here are some pictures of Year 1 on their visit.

    For more picture click here.

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  • Grace Darling Year 1

    Published 05/11/17, by David Foster

    Grace Darling

    This half term we have been learning about ‘Grace Darling’ in History. We learnt about the rescue Grace Darling was involved in and why it is important to remember her.

    We also looked at what life was like for Grace Darling and thought of some questions that we could ask her.

    Daniel asked ‘How many people did you save?’

    Alariah asked ‘How hard was it to row the boat?’

    Phoebe asked ‘What was it like living in a lighthouse?’

    We tried to imagine how Grace Darling and the sailors would have been feeling during the rescue.

    Faith said ‘Grace Darling would feel scared and she was brave.’

    Isabelle said ‘The sailors would be feeling worried.’

    We enjoyed learning about Grace Darling and acted out the rescue!

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  • Year 1 French

    Published 05/11/17, by David Foster

    French Afternoon

    This half term we celebrated ‘National European Day’ by having a French afternoon. We looked at images of famous buildings, cities and food traditionally eaten in France. It was an exciting afternoon where we coloured in our own French flag, learnt some colours in French and ate a Pain au chocolat. That was our favourite part of the afternoon! We even started answering the register with ‘bonjour’.

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  • Science Year 1 'Raft building'

    Published 03/04/17, by David Foster

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • Year 1 Science 'Hearing'

    Published 03/04/17, by David Foster

    Science in Year 1 'Hearing'

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  • Year 1 Science - 'Taste'

    Published 03/04/17, by David Foster

    Year 1 Science - Tasting

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  • Year 1 History

    Published 21/02/17, by David Foster


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  • Year 1 Performance Poetry

    Published 21/12/16, by David Foster




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  • Year 1 Computing

    Published 20/12/16, by David Foster

    In ICT, we are learning about algorithms and how to give instructions clearly. We had a go at the ‘Robot Game’ to see how well our instruction-giving skills were. In this game, one partner becomes the robot and the other partner must give a clear set of instructions about how to follow the path.

    We found it very difficult at the start as most of the robots kept on coming off their path. After a while though, we learnt how to debug our instructions and help our partner stay on the line.

    Max said “It was tricky at first because my partner couldn’t see”.

    Mollie said “When I gave the instructions at first my partner nearly bumped into the pencil. After that, I changed my instructions to keep them on the trail”.

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  • Year 1 'French Afternoon'

    Published 28/09/16, by David Foster

    French Year 1

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