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  • Making Sandwiches Year 1

    Published 05/12/18, by David Foster

    How to make a sandwich.

    In English this week we have been learning how to write instructions. This links into our class text ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’. The children began by writing a set of instructions on how to wash an animal of their choice. Some ideas included tigers, elephants and giraffes!

    On Thursday we then made some ham sandwiches and wrote a set of instructions on how to make them.

    Here are some pictures of our class making the sandwiches and enjoying them afterwards!




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  • Healthy Eating

    Published 05/12/18, by David Foster

    Healthy Eating

    Year one had a visit from the school nurse to teach them all about healthy eating. She taught us how to wash our hands properly and when it is important to wash them.

    The nurse showed the children the different organs in our body and what they are used for. She also explained the importance of eating five or more portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

    The children tried lots of different fruits and vegetables and even had a slice of healthy bread.

    I was very proud of the children’s behaviour and the nurse commented on the children being such good listeners. Well done year one! 


    For more pictures click here 

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  • All Saints Church

    Published 05/12/18, by David Foster

    Monday 3rd December 2018

    On Monday afternoon, Year 1 visited All Saints’ church. We walked down to church very sensibly with our partners and managed to avoid all of the puddles! In English this week the children will be writing a recount of their visit.

    The main purpose of our visit was to learn a bit more about Advent. Father Jeremey showed the children the Advent candles and we looked at what each candle represents. He also told us that purple is the colour of Advent and we found several things in the church which were this colour!

    Whilst we were there we also looked at the different objects around the church and what they are used for such as the font and the altar. The children all managed to have a look inside the altar with a bit of help from the teachers!

    The children’s behaviour was superb and they asked very thoughtful questions about the different things they could see in the church.

    Here are some pictures of Year 1 during their visit.

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  • Welcome to Year 6

    Published 04/10/18, by David Foster

    Y6 – Autumn Term

    The pupils in Year 6 have made a good start to the academic year and are beginning to get used to the challenges of the Year 6 curriculum.

    It goes without saying that the pupils are enjoying learning about World War Two and have an abundance of questions about it on a daily basis. They have already learnt about the start of the war and have listened to Neville Chamberlain’s announcement to the British public – this made them think about how they would feel listening to such an address.

    They are looking forward to finding out more about the evacuation of children and the different experiences they encountered. We will also learn about how the war affected Salford and the surrounding areas, including the bombing of Old Trafford (which we will be visiting very soon).

    In the meantime, please encourage your child to read about WWII and if you or your family have any interesting stories or photos from the war, please share them with us as we would love to know what went on.

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  • Welcome to Year 1

    Published 26/09/18, by David Foster

    Welcome to Year One!


    What a fantastic start the children have made to the infants. They have an excellent attitude to learning and have already shown some great progress. Below you will find some of things that we have been up to in our lessons.

    In English we have been very busy writing wanted posters for the sneaky jackal as he took Sunny (our class meerkat). Luckily the children’s posters worked and Sunny has been safely returned to us!

    We have been exploring numbers to 10 and number bonds in maths. The children have been working very well together using the practical equipment to support their learning.

    In history this week we travelled back in time and experienced a day in the life of Grace Darling. This was a very busy day where we cleaned, pumped water and rowed the boat – all before breakfast! Thank you for sending the children with some wonderful outfits – it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

    Science lessons have been based on the topic ‘all about me’. This included labelling different parts of the body and even creating our own skeletons using dog bones.

    We have had a great first few weeks in year one and I just want to say a big well done to all of the children for their hard work so far! 


    For more pictures click here



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  • Year 1 go to Blackpool Zoo

    Published 21/06/18, by David Foster

    Blackpool Zoo

    Today, year one went on a trip to Blackpool Zoo. We had a fantastic time and saw lots of exciting animals.

    We started the day by having an education session all about minibeasts. The children really demonstrated what they had learnt in our science unit last term. We even saw a giant cockroach which some children were brave enough to hold!

    After lunch we walked around the zoo and saw all of the different animals. We even had some sunshine in the afternoon.

    The children were all incredibly well-behaved and were a credit to the school. A brilliant day was had by all!


    For more pictures click here

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  • Bog Baby Project

    Published 25/05/18, by David Foster

    Bog Baby Project

    Wednesday 23rd May 2018

    Today in science we have been looking at our Bog Baby projects. They are all absolutely amazing and I want to say a big thank you to the children and parents for making such a fantastic effort! The children each explained how they made their Bog Baby project and why they chose to make it this way. In our science books we wrote about why our habitat would be suitable for a Bog Baby and what would happen if a Bog Baby changed its habitat.

    Thank you again for your efforts with the project, it brought our story to life and made our science lesson very exciting for the children.

    Here we are with all our wonderful work!


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  • How has changed over time? Year 1

    Published 10/05/18, by David Foster

    How has food changed over time?

    Wednesday 9th May 2018

    This half term we have been looking at how food has changed over time. The children have learnt how cooking appliances have changed and how food was different to when our grandparents were young. I want to say a huge well done to the children who asked their grandparents and families what their favourite foods used to be – it was really interesting to hear all about the different dishes. We also had recipes, cookbooks and even some scales from the 1950’s to look at. Thank you very much to parents for sending these in – it made the lessons very exciting for the children!

    Today we have gone back to the 1950’s and made a recipe which was a popular snack – Stuffed Celery. The children did a fantastic job making the food and we all had a try at the end. See if you can guess by the children’s faces who liked it and who didn’t!


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  • Making Cornflake Cakes in Year 1

    Published 06/03/18, by David Foster

    Making Cornflake Cakes

    Tuesday 6th March 2018

    Today we had a very exciting morning making some delicious cornflake cakes! We are going to write some instructions on how to make them in English this week.

    Here are some examples of children explaining how to make cornflake cakes:

    Phoebe says: First, you have to wash your hands.

    Ashley said: Then, you have to weigh the cornflakes with some scales.

    Evie T said: After that, you need to weigh the butter, chocolate and golden syrup.

    Ethan says: Next, melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a microwave

    (We made sure an adult did this for us because it was hot!)

    James said: Then, pour the delicious melted chocolate onto the cornflakes.

    Skye said: Next, stir the cornflakes and chocolate together with a spoon.

    Diana said: Last, put the mixture into cake cases and decorate with mini eggs!

    Here are some pictures of us with our finished cake!


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  • Imran Kotwal  visits Year 1

    Published 12/02/18, by David Foster

    This week Imran Kotwal came to visit us in year one. He talked to us about Islam and what it means to be a Muslim.

    He brought in different artefacts for us to look at including a prayer mat and the Qur’an. We learnt that Muslims pray five times a day and they need to take off their shoes when they pray. He also taught us the five pillars of Islam which are: Belief, Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage.

    Imran read a section of the Qu’ran to us and he told us that Muslims start reading the Qu’ran from the back not the front. He also closed the Qu’ran and read to us without looking at it because he had memorised every word of it!

    We then designed our own prayer mat after looking at the ones Imran had brought in to show us.

    We had a great morning listening to Imran and learning about Islam. Here are some pictures of us with the different artefacts.


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  • Year 1 make sandwiches

    Published 11/12/17, by David Foster

    How to make a sandwich.

    Tuesday 28th November 2017

    In English we have been learning how to write instructions. This week we made some sandwiches and wrote the instructions of how to make them in our books. Half of the children made jam sandwiches and the other half made ham and cheese sandwiches.

    Isaac says: First you have to wash your hands.

    Ellie said: Then you have to get two slices of bread and lay them out on the table.

    Lennon said: After you need to spread the jam on the bread.

    Millie says: Next you cut the sandwich in half.

    Holly said: Last, you can eat the delicious sandwich.

    Here are some pictures of our class making the sandwiches.

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  • Year 1 Christingle

    Published 11/12/17, by David Foster


    In RE we have been learning about light and Christmas. This week we made a Christingle and learnt what each part represents.

    Callum said: The orange represents the world.

    Ashley said: The red ribbon represents Jesus’ love.

    Ethan said: The sweets represent the fruits.

    Alariah said: The sticks represent the four seasons or directions.

    Daniel said: The candle represents that Jesus is the light of the world.

    We really enjoyed making the Christingles and here are some pictures of our class making them.

    For more pictures click here.


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