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Year 2

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  • Stars of the Week

    Published 14/06/19, by David Foster

    These eight children have been chosen by their respective teachers for following our school expectations with care and consideration. We are very proud of their efforts.

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  • Year 2 Science - Healthy Me

    Published 23/10/17, by David Foster

    This half term, we have been learning about ‘being healthy’ in science. We have learnt about the importance of a healthy diet, regular exercise and good hygiene.

    Hannah says: It’s important to eat the right amounts of food because it gives your body enough energy.

    Archie says: Keeping clean is important because it stops you from spreading your germs.


    We really enjoyed learning about exercise. We planned an exercise class for our friends, making sure that we were exercising lots of different muscles. Here are some pictures of our exercise classes.

    Jase says: When I was exercising I could feel my heart beating faster and I started to feel sweaty.

    Brooke says: This happened because our heart needed to pump more blood to our muscles.

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  • Visit by Reverend Dot Fair

    Published 06/06/17, by David Foster


    Visit By Reverend Dot Fair   June 6th 2017


    Today Reverend Dot came to visit us because we are studying religious leaders.

    She told us that on Monday she has her day off. She looks after her grandchildren but she still gets phone calls from people that are poorly and she goes to see them in evening.

    On Tuesday she has lots of meetings and she sets up the altar for Wednesday to share bread and wine for the people who like the church. If they get married and she has something to do she can do it tomorrow because the wedding is more important then it.

    On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday she has meetings about lots of different things for example weddings, funerals and christenings.

    On Saturday she sometimes organises a children’s club where they do lots of creative things.

    Reverend Dot also has to go to hospitals and homes to see the people who can’t get to church.


    Sunday is a busy day because she has to do church services. In these services she talks to people, she christens babies, she reads from the Bible, she says prayers and gives people bread and wine.


    This blog was written by Layla Ali Khalil, Heidi Anderson and Nicola Archer

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  • Mr McGreggor's Garden - Year 2

    Published 30/05/17, by David Foster

    Year 2 on Beatrix Potter.      

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  • Sketch Nation

    Published 25/04/17, by David Foster

    Year 2 Computing

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  • Science Year 2

    Published 05/04/17, by David Foster

    Science: Forces/Materials Year 2

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  • Year 2 visit All Saint's Church

    Published 08/02/17, by David Foster

    Today we ended our topic of Special Places by visiting All Saints’ Church in Wardley. 

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  • PSHE Launch

    Published 06/02/17, by David Foster
    Jigsaw We have started a new PSHE scheme and the children are thoroughly enjoying it. Today, we were focusing on being a good partner. Each pair of children had to choose a challenge and worked hard on achieving their goal. Positive comments t
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  • Lowry visit

    Published 06/02/17, by David Foster

    Year 2 visited the Lowry Museum on Monday to learn more about his techniques and look at his paintings.

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  • Year 2 Performance Poetry

    Published 22/12/16, by David Foster




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  • French Afternoon

    Published 27/09/16, by David Foster

    Year 2, along with the rest of the school, have enjoyed  a French afternoon.

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  • Roald Dahl Day

    Published 13/09/16, by David Foster

    Year 2 are reading The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. On his 100th birthday, we created some fabulous letters to Mr Crocodile begging him not to eat children and we are very proud of our wonderful writing.

    These a just a few. 


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