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Year 3

July 2018

  • Year 3 - Space Vehicles

    Published 17/07/18, by David Foster

    DT in Year 3

    Space Vehicles

    During the last week of term, Year 3 has designed and created some wonderful space vehicles.  They are ‘out of this world.

    The children have worked together brilliantly, helping each other with cutting, joining and adapting their spacecraft.

    “It was a really good topic for me because I know all about space.” Ashton

    “We enjoyed working together and helping our friends make their models. We also needed some help for the tricky bits that needed two people.” Harley and Olivia

    “It was fun measuring and cutting out my rocket.” Alexis

    “We could make any design we wanted to and we were left to make the model all by ourselves.” Ella

    “I thought it was fun. My model looked really good. I was very proud.” Kai

    Just yesterday I had NASA on the phone and they are very interested in the children’s designs.  Watch this space.

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  • Chester Zoo - Year 3

    Published 16/07/18, by David Foster

    A Trip Out with Year 3

    Chester Zoo

    On Tuesday 10th July, Year 3 took a day off school and visited Chester Zoo.  This tied in nicely with some of the creatures we have encountered through our core book – Jumanji.

    “We saw penguins diving into the water and performing underwater tricks.  It was great to see them through the glass” Kai

    “I saw a new animal called a sun bear which had given birth to a cub not long ago.” Ella

    “A bat flew over Sophie’s head and she screamed really loudly” Orla

    “It wasn’t just me.  Issy screamed too when a bat touched her hand” Sophie

    “I looked through the window at the camel.  As soon as I saw it, it did a big poo.” Ashton

    “As we went in, the black rhino mum was feeding its baby” Shay

    On the way back, we were stuck in horrendous traffic but managed to get back to school safe and sound.  We all had a great day.

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