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Year 3

November 2017

  • Year 3 Geography

    Published 01/11/17, by David Foster

    Geography in Year 3

    Where in the world are we?

    We have kicked off this half term by using an atlas (a book of maps) to look at some features of the world.  We have studied the equator, the tropics, the Arctic and Antarctic Circles and discovered that the world is divided into hemispheres.

    We were let loose with an atlas and, with a partner, located these features by using the contents and index pages.

    Sianne recognised, “There is a line around the middle of the earth and it is called the equator.”

    Orla discovered, “The climate around the tropics is very warm because it gets lots of sun. However there is also lots of rain so it is wet.”

    Stan learned, “A book of maps is called an atlas.  It also has flags and information about different places in the world.”

    Sophie identified, “The Arctic and Antarctic Circles are very cold because they don’t get as much sun so it is very snowy and icy.”

    Year 3 will also be learning about the continents and oceans of the world as well as identifying the different climates and landscapes we find in different places.


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