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Science in Year 3


Forces and Magnets

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about magnets. To begin with, the children thought about contact forces such as pushes and pulls and worked with a friend to produce a list of everyday objects we push and pull. 

With no prompts, the children were given several sets of magnets, of all shapes and sizes, and simply asked to see what they could discover.  Their findings would have put Albert Einstein to shame. 

Olivia: The magnets say N and S.  N and N don’t go together.  S and S don’t go together.  N and S go together.

Max: The sides of N and N stuck together.

Olly: Even when you don’t touch the magnet it still moves.

Jasmine: The magnets are blue and red.  Blue and blue don’t stick together.  Red and red don’t go together.  Blue and red stick together.

Mollie: Some metal pieces connected with the magnet but some did not.

Jay: Bronze does not stick to a magnet.

Tinaye: Two magnets can stick together when they get close.  You can feel them pulling towards each other.

Grace: The big magnets pushed away and pulled apart from each other.

Maisy: I made the small magnets fly off the table and stuck to the big magnet.

Charlie: I attached my magnet to the table leg, sharpener and my pen.

Ava: The magnets spun around without even touching each other. There’s no contact.

In the next few weeks, we will be answering questions, based on their findings, and making predictions and explanations like the amazing scientists we are.

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