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Year 3 Science

Magnets and Forces

Year 3

Over the last few weeks, we have been discovering the properties of magnets and forces. A force is either a push or a pull.

We learned that we could change the distance a toy car travelled by simply pushing them on different surfaces and thought of many ways to make the car travel even further.

Jessica explained, “You could use more force or a slope to make the car go further.” 

Alfie summarised, “I think you could use some kind of elastic band to propel it really far over the hall floor.”

Lexie recognised that the smoother the surface the further the car travelled.  On the rough grass, the car travelled less than one metre?

Jacob applied his observational skills. “The opposite poles (south and north) of a magnet attract whereas the same poles repel each other.”

Aiden knows that iron and steel are magnetic. 

We also had great fun spinning their magnets round; without even touching them.  They found great hilarity as they moved their magnets on top of the table using the force of the magnet underneath…spooky!


By Year 3