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Year 3 Geography


How Cool is Climate?

Year 3

During last half term, we have been learning about the different biomes all over the world.  A biome is the plants and animals in a particular place.

We learned the terms desert, tundra, rainforest and temperate forest. We live in a temperate biome.

Thomas explained, “I enjoyed investigating the tundra and learned that humans have affected the wildlife because they build towns and roads where plants and animals live.” 

Erin summarised, “The tundra is very cold and dry, even though it is full of snow. Winter also lasts for a lot longer than summer.”

Alfie applied his comparing skills. “Even though the desert is hot and sandy and the tundra is cold and snowy, both places are the same. They have only a few plants and animals and both places are really dry.”

Chloe went crazy at home, and loved discovering the hottest and coldest places on our planet.

Heidi spotted that there were animals that lived in the desert and the tundra.  Can you guess what they are?

The children were introduced to atlases and used them to find countries in the tropics as well as locate the deserts.


By Year 3