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Growing Plants Year 3

Biology – Growing Plants

This half term we are getting our hands dirty.  We are learning all about the growth of plants.

So far we have discovered the functions of the main parts of a flowering plant; namely the roots, stem, leaf and flower.

Shay recognised, “The roots anchor the plant into the soil and take up water too.  The water has lots of dissolved nutrients in it.”

George suggested, “The water and nutrients travel up the stem to the flower and the leaves.”

Olivia discovered, “I learned that the leaf absorbs sunlight with a chemical called chlorophyll.  This gives the plant energy.  The process is called photosynthesis

Sianne identified, “The flower has pollen and nectar and holds the seeds that make new plants. It is brightly coloured to attract pollinators like bees.”

Year 3 also learned that the leaves turn the nutrients into glucose.

We have also planted sunflower and radish seeds and will be observing their growth. We will be predicting

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