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Speadsheets - Year 3

Computing in Year 3


This half term we are using spreadsheets to input data.  We are using a mathematics program called 2Graph from our fantastic new scheme called Purple Mash. This is providing us with another ICT skill.

We started off by finding out what our favourite crisp were.  We put the data onto a simple spreadsheet and created 3 different kinds of graph; namely a block graph and a horizontal and vertical bar graph.

From this we were able to ask and answer a variety of questions such as ‘Which was the most/least popular flavour?’, ‘How many children chose Cheese and Onion?’ and ‘How many more children chose Salt and Vinegar than Beef?’

During the second session we were able to input data relating to our favourite pies.  We used a spreadsheet to create a pie chart.  Get it? Pie Chart.  Never mind. This is another way to show and interpret our findings.  We had a really good time.

Sianne and George said, “We can explain how to create a bar graph and we know that the information on our spreadsheet makes the graph.”

Leo said, “I found out how to use emojis on my spreadsheet so I didn’t need to write any words.”

Alexis said, “I explained to Orla how we can make a pie chart and she told me that on the pie chart the big slices means more people while the thin slices means less people.”

This will feed in very nicely to our maths in the Summer Term.