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Pottery at Wardley

Art at Wardley

Peter the Potter

On Monday 12th February 2018 we welcomed out resident artist, Peter Hall, into school to demonstrate the wonders of the potter’s wheel. Each year group witnessed a masterclass in pottery making. 

Daniel from Year 1 recognised, “If you want to make a jug then you just have to press down the top of a pot and it makes a little spout. When the jug is dry you can put blue patterns on to make it look beautiful.”

Mollie from Year 2 discovered, “When the clay goes onto the machine you have to put your hands together and try to mould the clay into a cylinder. Then, Peter pressed his thumbs into the middle to make a circle.  His hands wrapped around the clay and he pulled it up.”

Shay from Year 3 identified, “Mr Hall used his hands and fingers to make lots of different shapes and made the pot bigger, smaller, taller and shorter. Peter also sliced a jug into half to show us that it was the same thickness all the way through.”

Alfie from Year 4 learned, “Mr Hall used a sponge and put it against the clay pot while it was turning.  It changed the shape of the pot, making it fatter or thinner and also to make a smooth cylinder.”

Year 3 will be making windows out of clay early in the new term so watch this space